Fried Chicken a la Dooky and Mae

Kim Severson of the New York Times did a great piece, …Into the Fryer, on the fried chicken rebirth at both Dooky Chase and Willie Mae’s.

(As a very IMDB aside; take a peek at Ms. Leah Chases’ chef jacket.  We were so pleased to see a recent CulinaryCorps gift being put to good use!)

The Inside Scoop

The Times-Picayune message boards, dedicated to Dining Out cheap oakley sunglasses in New Orleans, are a wealth of insider information posted by locals of what’s great (and maybe not so great) in the city these days.   If you’re heading down to  NOLA soon, check them out here.

Iced Coffee To Feel Good About

Although they hail from California, Blue Bottle Coffee has created a useful gift package to benefit the New Orleans Edible Schoolyard project.  For $22.50, you can be that master of your own iced coffee destiny as Blue Bottle has put together a handy “do-it-yourself” kit that includes coffee, a separate chicory packet and instructions on the cheap oakley sunglasses cold brew process.  10% of the proceeds will be donated so drink up for New Orleans!

A Culinary Melting Pot

New Orleans has the unique habit of being a city that not only welcomes new cuisines but coddles them.  Case in point, Creole cooking: that deliciously mysterious amalgamation of national food traditions that finds its unique roots in the many generations of culinary-rich immigrant waves.

The International Herlad Tribune reminds us that the advent of the Taco Truck post-Katrina paints the newest layer of complexity onto the city’s cuisine.  How long before chiles make their way into the NOLA mainstream?  If history is our guide, not too long at all.

On Being Blue

…blue “berries” that is.

Wandering the stalls of The Crescent City Farmers Market during the June CulinaryCorps trip, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Amy Phelps of Pearl River Blues Berry Farm. Their story is what great romantic flicks are made of but their berries are truly mind-blowing: tiny globes of magical sweet/tart alchemy.

We are excited to holding a joint fundraising picnic during our September CulinaryCorps trip at Pearl River Blues Farm with the help of the recently-formed Mississippi Slow Food Convivium.

CulinaryCorps will provide the kitchen cheap oakley sunglasses muscle in a joint effort to to celebrate the Gulf Coast journey from field to fork (and raise some funds for the local farmers markets while we’re at it).

While we plan for the upcoming event, click here for some seasonal blueberry inspiration.

Our New Favorite Addiction


We found these funky bottles of CoolBrew at the local NOLA Whole Foods off of Magazine Street during our June trip.  After some in-store deliberation about how the thing actually worked, we swept it into our cart and christened it as the morning caffeine of choice throughout the week.

One bottle contains 32 oz. of chicory coffee concentrate.  Brewed without heat, this sometimes bitter blend transforms into a slighty syrupy and flavorfully complex liquid.  Combine one “shot” from the unique contraption built into the bottle with 6 oz. of milk, a healthy dose of sugar syrup cheap oakley sunglasses and a few ice cubes…and well, you’ve got yourself one tasty iced beverage.

Yes, buying 32oz. bottles by the 6-pack from the CoolBrew on-line shop may be considered the cheaters version of the NYT’s do-it-yourself recipe but summer is all about letting go of the hassle in the heat, right?  We’re thinking a shot or two in our next batch of dark-chocolate brownies may really lead to some crazy alchemy.

Words to live by on our June trip…

Can you guess the voice behind this quote?

“The whole point of going to New Orleans is to realize that you sleep when you’re dead. Eat as much as you possibly can, and then go out and eat some more. If you’re going to visit for a week, or a weekend, forget your diets, forget getting your beauty sleep, because it’s not going to happen.”

Click to find out who the NOLA sage is…