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Cooking for Calais: Food on the Frontline of the Refugee Crisis

France’s notorious ‘Jungle Camp‘ may have been dismantled in 2016 but for hundreds of refugees still stranded in Calais, daily life in the port city is brutally hard. This year, CulinaryCorps is launching its first ever “Pilot Trip” staffed entirely by previous CulinaryCorps trip leaders in an attempt to understand how we can best provide continue reading.

Our 2018 Trip in Numbers

Our 2018 Trip In Numbers 10 carefully selected chef-volunteers… 668 collective CulinaryCorps volunteer manpower hours        221 miles walked in/to/from our outdoor pop-up kitchen 21 classes launched for our World of Flavors cooking curriculum for 211 campers and volunteers Over 844 plates of food cooked by the campers themselves including:       211 freshly-pressed tortillas             87-feet of continue reading.