It was truly a tremendous camp session, and I believe it was due in a large part to the CulinaryCorps code of professionalism, ability to relate to all our guests and your overwhelming enthusiasm and positive energy (not to mention your cooking skills.) Everyone is still talking about your impact on camp and just about every comment sheet turned in alluded to how great the “CulinaryCorps Group” was and how they hope you come back. You have our gratitude and appreciation! We already miss not having CulinaryCorps here for this camp session!

Michael Katz, Camp Sunshine Director, 2013

I had two very profound life-changing experiences at Camp Sunshine. First of all, it was a sheer joy to help create such a positive, fun and wellness-promoting activity for the campers and their parents. Second, I was thrilled at how well we worked together as a team. I felt so supported, and thus so strong, during the entire experience, from planning before the trip to the entire session. My goal after returning home was to facilitate the same feeling with my co-workers.

Christine R., Chef Volunteer, 2013

Thank you for your gift of cooking and food. But more important, thank you for the gift of empowering our children. Ian still talks about his cooking lessons with you. You gave him, and many others, memories that will stay with them for a very long time.

Cindy, Camp Sunshine Parent,  2013

We are spreading the good news, using our skills to send forth an important message; that food brings people together, soothes the soul, and that it builds and rebuilds community.

Viviana, Trip Leader, 2011

When I discovered CulinaryCorps, my heart felt validated: there was something I could do to help; there was a way for me to live my dream of being a chef and help those most in need.

Gary, Chef Volunteer, April 2009

I realize now that there are opportunities for greatness everywhere. That in a small amount of time, a few people can make a great impact on many.

Mick, Chef Volunteer, June 2007

The CulinaryCorps experience filled my spirit. It reconfirmed this thing I do – this cooking thing – is a very good thing. It’s so basic, so primal, so comforting, so needed.

Irma, Chef Volunteer, June 2008

It was probably the most challenging, intense, emotional, and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

Deb, Chef Volunteer, December 2007

The practical help from people like you are what have kept us from falling apart. Seeing that someone cares is balm for our hearts and spirits; it’s literally priceless. Bless you.

Mary, New Orleans Resident, 2007

Know that my life was changed when I met you and got involved with CulinaryCorps. And I will continue to pay it forward.

Sandy, Trip Co-Leader, September 2007