Cooks Needed for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath may no longer be front page news but the needs of its victims are as persistent as they are pressing. Occupy Sandy is an ongoing coordinated relief effort to distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods cheap oakley and people affected by the storm. If you or someone you know would be interested in feeding people who can’t cook for themselves this holiday season, please see the posting below:

Volunteers Positions Open for Head Chefs/Prep Cooks/Kitchen Help

8:30am-6/7pm, all days

  • Food prep from 8:30-4ish.
  • Clean up from 4ish-6/7
  • Lead chef from 8-6 or 8-2 and 11-6

Currently, we need people to come in early in the morning to assist our lead chefs with prepping food. Most of our meals need to be ready for delivery starting at noon, so it’s crucial to get all hands on deck in the early hours. Prepping continues through the early afternoon, followed by a massive clean-up effort at around 4pm.

We also need people to either lead the kitchen or assist in leading the kitchen. We have some amazing chefs who lead from Wed-Sat, but Sun, Mon and Tues tend to be cheap oakley sunglasses empty for us. If you have chef experience and have cooked for a ton of people, or have lead a kitchen before and can take on a Sun-Tues shift, let us know. If those days don’t work, please come and assist one of our other chefs during the week.

More volunteer details and registration forms can be found here.

And if you can’t commit to the kitchen work, think about donating supplies or funds. Some gifts truly do make a difference.


CulinaryCorps In Action!

If a picture says a thousand words, this slideshow of our November 2011 culanthropy trip may just say a million.

Thanks Allie Carroll Photography for Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo capturing the magical moments. And thank you chefs, sponsors, donors, and project partners for allowing us to do what we do best…cook it forward!