On Being Blue

…blue “berries” that is.

Wandering the stalls of The Crescent City Farmers Market during the June CulinaryCorps trip, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Amy Phelps of Pearl River Blues Berry Farm. Their story is what great romantic flicks are made of but their berries are truly mind-blowing: tiny globes of magical sweet/tart alchemy.

We are excited to holding a http://www.oakleyonorder.com/ joint fundraising picnic during our September CulinaryCorps trip at Pearl River Blues Farm with the help of the recently-formed http://www.oakleyonorder.com/ Mississippi Slow Food Convivium.

CulinaryCorps will provide the kitchen cheap oakley sunglasses muscle in a joint effort to to celebrate the Gulf Coast journey from field to fork (and raise some funds for the local farmers markets while we’re at it).

While we plan for the upcoming event, click here for some seasonal blueberry inspiration.

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  1. culinary says:

    After some amazing conversations with the Slow Food leaders of Mississippi, this small fundraiser has now turned into the first annual MI Slow Food Festival. If you are in Ocean Springs, MI on September 15th, stop on by the farmers market and say hello!

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