Viking Grill Donation

As cooks, few things get us more fired-up than an behemoth of a grill. So it was with great pleasure that CulinaryCorps was able to coordinate the donation of this fantastic Viking specimen to our friends at Edible Schoolyard NOLA.

A Real Beauty

A Real Beauty

This 41″ outdoor gas grill (complete with two side burners and one heck of a sparkle) was generously donated by the folks at Viking for the TASTE 3 conference raffle. Through a dramatic series of events (including a teary-eyed acceptance over a crowded auditorium) the grill landed into the lap of CulinaryCorps.

Finding a home for our fortuitous donation was not the problem; in many ways we wished we split it up into pieces and like the spider plant, grow a grill for ALL of our project partners. However, with onyl one to give, the gift has found a home at Edible Schoolyard’s second site, Charter Middle, who are in the first stages of introducing their magnificent cooking and gardening program to the campus. We cheap oakley sunglasses thought that a bit of fire-power could really help the process along so happy grilling ESYNOLA!

A special thanks to Elisabeth A. from Viking for helping to coordinate the donation and the shipping.

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