Two Ways Chefs Can Help in NY/NJ

It has been the high point of our week to see the thousands of people who have signed up for volunteer projects across the NY/NJ region. Many people have reached out to us about a potential CulinaryCorps trip as well. Thank you for your call to action!

After assessing the situation for the past several days and talking with our contacts on the ground, we’ve come to understand that there are many local feeding programs that need supplies and manpower. Many of these opportunities are posted on our Facebook page but two that are particularly Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo pressing and grassroots are listed below. If you have the time or resources to help our in any way by donating, cooking in your own kitchen, delivering, or volunteering on-site, please do not hesitate to contact either effort.

As the clean-up continues, we’ll be monitoring the situation and assessing the need for a CulinaryCorps specific trip. Please be sure you have added yourself to our mailing list to stay abreast of these opportunities.

In the short term, we hope everyone who has the capacity to do so can connect with the recovery effort in some way. In the long term, we will continue to assess the possibility of a CulinaryCorps trip to the area. Often with disasters as far reaching as this one, there is a need for a second wave (or third or fourth) of assistance when the first responders have been depleted of time, resources, or sleep. If this should be the case, we will be there.


A business owner and baker, Allison Robicellis, is coordinating a grassroots effort to distribute food to South Brooklyn and Staten island. Here is her email below…

We have a desperate need for kitchen space. If you/friends can make

anything in your apartment, we’re dropping off all food at 5406 4th Ave

at 54th St. From there we’re mobilizing it to multiple points in South

Brooklyn/Staten Island. They open at 10am.

We need hot dogs, PB sandwiches, or anything that can easily be


If you think this is something you can help with, here is her contact info:

And here’s an article on the situation in her community.



For those of you local to NYC/NJ who are not already involved with a volunteer project, the newly minted Storm Chefs is heading to Jersey City on November 5th to cook for the Sandy recovery effort. They are looking for food donations and possibly chef-volunteers. Please see the website for more information and FB page for updates.

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