Thank You 2014 Sponsors

This year we have been lucky to have a wonderfully supportive team of Corporate Sponsors to help fund our 2014 outreach trip to Camp Sunshine. We are incredibly thankful for their generous contributions. So if you are looking for chef clothing or cooking utensils, coffee or Korean foods, or even a culinary school, please look no further than this amazing group of donors:

Warriors in Pink powered by Ford

2014 marks Ford Motor Company’s 20th year in the fight against breast cancer. In honor of this benchmark, Aimee Bariteau, our fearless 2014 Trip Leader, was chosen as a Ford Model of Courage. We cannot think of a better choice! In her role, she was able to engage Warriors in Pink to be a major contributor to our Camp Sunshine programming. Not only are they making a generous donation but they are donating hats, t-shirts, bandanas and aprons to hand out to volunteers and campers. Ford has donated over $125 million towards the fight against breast cancer and those championing the cause. We are honored to be a part of their mission for 2014. For your chance to win the most awesome Ford Fusion ever, click on over to Warriors in Pink and join the conversation.


The International Culinary Center

The ICC has been a faithful backer of CulinaryCorps since its inception and this year is no different. It is, however, even better! ICC is generously sponsoring our Top Chef Sunshine competition and sending along an expert judge, Amanda Cann, to weigh-in on the final dishes. We are excited to be honoring a loved one close to the ICC family as part of this event by adding Swedish Fish to the brown bag of secret ingredients.



Some may say that the uniform doesn’t make the chef, the chef makes the uniform but in our mind, it’s a little bit of both. Once again, we’ll be donning sharp-looking chefs coats thanks to ChefWear.



This year we are adding a new event to our programming by offering an evening class for the camp’s volunteers. These are the people that power Camp Sunshine throughout the year and we thought they deserved some culinary love too. Luckily, HMart stepped up to the plate to sponsor a “Taste of Korea” event that includes a sampling of traditional Korean foods and ingredients along with a hands-on cooking class of Korean Rice Balls led by several members of our chef-volunteer team.



Culinary Depot

When Culinary Depot connected with us earlier this year to help fund the trip, we were touched by their unexpected generosity. Their donation will help to fund trip logistics such as car rentals, housing and meals for our chef-volunteer team. Culinary Depot sells and installs kitchen equipment that dreams are made of and is the industry leader in catering restaurant supply.




From restaurants, to food trucks, to farmers markets, swiping a card has become the easy way to get good food. BluePay, an all-in-one credit card processing company,  is leading the field in merchant credit card processing solutions for clients big and small. They have strong ties to the restaurant community and wanted to help give back through support of our Camp Sunshine efforts.

The Natural Gourmet Institute

NGI is one of the leading institutions offering both professional and public cooking courses in health supportive culinary arts and theory. We have been incredibly fortunate to have recruited talented NGI graduates to be chef-volunteers over the years! Later this summer, the proceeds from their student-cooked Friday Night Dinner will be donated to our organization. The dinner will take place on Friday, August 15, 2014 at 7pm. The menu is TBD but we’ll be sure to spread the word when tickets are available.



In a restaurant, there are few things more critical than an open line of communication between the serving staff and the kitchen. Without it, orders come out wrong, guests are unhappy and the restaurant loses money. To avoid these scenarios, BePoz has created a fully functional and high-quality point of service (POS) software for restaurants. It rocks! And quite frankly, so do they.

Rusty’s Hawaiian: 100% Coffees, Inspired by a Love Story

With the Chef Alan Wong stamp-of-approval, Rusty’s Hawaiian coffee has nearly perfected the craft of growing and roasting premium beans. We are lucky to not only be welcoming the owner’s son, Rusty Obra, back onto the CulinaryCorps team this year but also sipping some Rusty’s Hawaiian coffee at camp. Plus, Rusty will be leading a coffee education class for the parents on Thursday morning. Talk about a great way to start your day!


Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen has been jarring the essence of Maine since 1991. Their Wild Maine Blueberry jam is practically legend but since their inception, the have become a watershed of delectables.  They are big supporters of Camp Sunshine! And if you happen to be in York, Maine this summer, definitely check out their ever-expanding roster of cooking classes at the Stonewall Cooking School.

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