September 2007 Trip

September Scholarship

The September CulinaryCorps trip is approaching fast! Through the generous donation of individual donors, we have put together a scholarship package for a cook, culinary student or culinary school graduate who can take advantage of this last minute opportunity.

The scholarship inlcudes the fee as well as a $75 to go towards offsetting th cost of travel. We are asking all interested parties to fill out a September/December Application as well as write a 500 word essay on the following question:

“What would you contribute to the CulinaryCorps team in New Orleans?”

All applications must be submited electronically to by Thursday, September 6th.

Think you’re up for the trip of a lifetime (or know of someone who may be) then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!


A Taste of the September Itinerary in New Orleans

Friday, September 14th: Tour of impact area led by Share Our Strength, Welcome Dinner at opening night of the iconic Dooky Chase

Saturday, September 15th: Cooking Demonstrations and Cake Decorating Cook-Off at the First Annual Mississippi Slow Food Festival, BBQ Heaven at The Shed

Sunday, September 16th: Brunch and Dinner Creation at Emergency Communities in the Lower 9th Ward

Monday, September 17th: Kitchen Mentoring and Meal Creation at Habitat for Humanity’s Camp Hope

Tuesday, September 18th: Visit to Crescent City Farmers Market, Lunch at Bayona, Food Tour of the French Quarter, Dinner, music and bowling at Rock n’ Bowl

Wednesday, September 19th: Cooking and student mentoring at Café Reconcile event – “Bistrot Reconciler: A Thank You to Our Sponsors”

Thursday, September 20th: Volunteer Day with Edible Schoolyard New Orleans, Farewell Dinner with Chef Chris Debarr of Delachaise

Three slots are still available so submit your September/December Application today!


Now Recruiting for September & December Trips!

CulinaryCorps invites eligible culinary students and professionals to join our volunteer outreach trips to New Orleans. We are now recruiting for two fall trips:


September 14-21, 2007
November 30 – December 7, 2007

Each trip will be composed of fifteen culinary students/professionals from around the nation that are committed to volunteering their time and kitchen skills to food-related community projects within New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. They will also have the cheap oakley sunglasses opportunity to immerse themselves in the vital culinary culture of the region during tastings, lectures and tours.

This is a great way to transform your passion for food into an opportunity to provide support and solidarity to New Orleans rebuilding efforts. We promise it’ll be the hardest week you’ll ever savor. Click “continue” for details…


On Being Blue

…blue “berries” that is.

Wandering the stalls of The Crescent City Farmers Market during the June CulinaryCorps trip, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Amy Phelps of Pearl River Blues Berry Farm. Their story is what great romantic flicks are made of but their berries are truly mind-blowing: tiny globes of magical sweet/tart alchemy.

We are excited to holding a joint fundraising picnic during our September CulinaryCorps trip at Pearl River Blues Farm with the help of the recently-formed Mississippi Slow Food Convivium.

CulinaryCorps will provide the kitchen cheap oakley sunglasses muscle in a joint effort to to celebrate the Gulf Coast journey from field to fork (and raise some funds for the local farmers markets while we’re at it).

While we plan for the upcoming event, click here for some seasonal blueberry inspiration.