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We had the privilege of connecting with food writer, cookbook author and kindred spirit, Julian Brunt, during our day developing the Grow.Cook.Dine. curriculum for Real Food Gulf Coast. Inspired by our recipe tasting, he wrote the following piece for today’s Sun Herald about our recent trip to the Gulf Coast:

Ten chefs gathered on the Gulf Coast recently from as far away as the Hawaiian Island and Brooklyn, New York to volunteer their time in a food focused program aimed at introducing healthy food to children living in community’s in need.

CulinaryCorps is a non-profit organization made up of skilled culinary professionals who volunteer for one week to help enrich cheap oakley the lives of others through good food.  Formed in 2006 by Chef Christine Carroll of Washington DC, who was inspired to become involved after a visit to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. The week long trips the chefs make focus on introducing healthy food to children and their teachers using hands on techniques and exciting formats like cooking competitions.  VIP cooking classes are also held in which funders and supports are introduced to the same curriculum.

On Friday and Saturday, November 11 and 12th, the CulinaryCorps’ chefs meet with the Boys and Girls Club of Pass Christian. In a Food Network style show they prepared food and then presented it to their enthusiastic audience. Many questions were answered and a large group of adults and children were introduced to healthy cooking and local foods.

On Sunday the chefs meet with Real Food Gulf Coast, an organization dedicated to healthy and sustainable food-ways, to test cook a menu designed around a ten week after school cooking club curriculum. The club will be entitled Grow-Cook-Dine and will partner with the Pascagoula River Audubon Center, local schools and the Jackson County Boys and Girls Club. The menu will feature cheap oakley sunglasses local foods and wild foods that can be foraged from the Pascagoula River basin and will be prepared in the kitchen the Audubon Center is planning at their new facility.

For more information contact Diane Claughton at or Christine Carroll at

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