Our 2018 Trip in Numbers

Our 2018 Trip In Numbers

10 carefully selected chef-volunteers…

668 collective CulinaryCorps volunteer manpower hours

       221 miles walked in/to/from our outdoor pop-up kitchen

21 classes launched for our World of Flavors cooking curriculum for 211 campers and volunteers

Over 844 plates of food cooked by the campers themselves including:

      211 freshly-pressed tortillas

            87-feet of veggie-sushi rolled

                    17 pounds of freshly-smooshed guacamole

                            12 Top Chef Sunshine dishes using…

                                     1 secret ingredient (Surprise! It was farro.)
5 gallons of Jell-O tossed during our 4th Annual Family Foodie Olympics

           5,998 chickpeas in our “Guess the Number of Beans” jar

                  (5,000 chickpeas was the closest winning guess!)

90 pounds of prime steak donated by CulinaryCorps and devoured by the entire camp on the last night

Thousands of heart-expanding moments of joy made possible by…

     3-course fundraising dinner in Boston complete with S’mores pie,

           2 generous corporate sponsors,

                   145 amazing individual donors just like you!

For all your kindness, we offer our infinite thanks.

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