Free home-made cookies for a month?

Yes please!

Ellen B., a team member on our March 12th trip to NOLA, has generously donated a cookie-of-the-month membership to pad out our doorprize stash.  Imagine getting a dozen freshly baked cookies delivered to your doorstep for a whole year!  

Just one more sweet reason to join us for our March 12th fundraiser (see previous post for details).

And now that we reeled you in with thoughts of free cookies…

Every cook knows that without fresh water, the possibility of good, fresh food is slim.  We recently stumbled across an article about PlayPumps – an innovative idea that combines playground reverie with a pumping system to cheap oakley procure fresh water.   Who knew the value inherent in a simple merry-go-round? 

What everyday items in your life can you retool to make a difference?

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