Day 8 – The End…and The Beginning

The day we depart is always one of mixed sentiment. On the one hand, we’re exhausted emotionally and physically. But on the other, we know just how much work is left to be cheap oakley sunglasses done. This conundrum never fails to highlight the truly courageous in this post-Katrina daze…the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Their commitment to community is a civic lesson we all have learned but perhaps have not always executed. The thanks we received, the hugs and handshakes we were honored with, all go right back to the people picking themselves up and building back their lives despite all the obstacles.

Thank you to the CulinaryCorps team for their compassion, hard-work and leadership. And thanks to our many generous sponsors and supporters who helped to get them there. The impact of the experience was evident. There is no doubt that these latest CulinaryCorps alum will go home and pay the experience forward – through words, actions and hopefully, good food.

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