Day 3 – The Three B’s of EC


The day at Emergency Communities started with a brunch. By 9am, there were onions frying, cornbread baking and pancakes flipping. By 11am, there was a Ray Ban outlet line wrapping around the canteen for banana oat flapjacks, potato and bacon hash, fresh fruit salad, cheesy grits with gravy and eggs with sauteed vegetables.

It segued into a BBQ. And by 4pm there were smoked ribs on the grill, red beans and rice in the pot and fresh bean salad on the plate. Not to mention jambalya,grilled/smoked chicken, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber vinagrette, cheescake and fruit, white chocolate bread pudding and a delightful “Emergen-C Palmer” made with ice tea and the vitamin C drink so familiar with those working in the devastated area.

And ended with the The Honey Island Swamp band. Their unique and happy versions of Cajun and blues were the perfect ending to challenging but rewarding day.

Thanks both to our CulinaryCorps team and the extra muscle (and product) brought in by Darin, Amy, Jennifer, Alex and Neil (all Bourbon House/Palace Cafe veterans), we served almost 500 meals to the residents of the Lower 9th Ward and the volunteers of Emergency Communities helping to rebuild it.

After a second helping of everything on offer, one resident told us that at that moment, he didn’t feel like he was in the 9th ward. A compliment, yes but a testament to all the work that is still left to be done. We plan to return.

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