Day 1: And We’re Off

It was 3pm sharp and our group was already planning menus like a well-oiled brigade.  With shop lists due within the hour, a quick brainstorm led to three stellar dishes (one involving quail eggs, one wontons) to be executed as “culinary entertainment” for the Liberty’s Kitchen Gala on Saturday.   More details to come.

Then our “Edible Introduction” got us noshing on all sorts of wordly delights, including apple butters, spiced nuts, guava cakes, and salted chocolate caramels.  Next, we were off on a recovery tour with Ashley Graham of Share Our Strength, allowing the group to get a first-hand look at the ongoing efforts of those making change in the community.

We were pleased to find Make it Right houses in the Lower 9th Ward coming up like new growth in a forest; proud owners lining the steps and waving to us with smiles on their faces.  A quick stop at had us hugging our dear friend Darin (repairing houses of his neighbors and friends for over three years) and then back to Treme to Dooky Chase where an evening of some very fine food lay in wait.

Gumbo, bbq quail, fried cheap oakley oyster salad, chicken fried steak, stuffing, beans, jambalya . . . and that’s just naming a few of the dishes that graced our table.  All washed down with tooth-numbing sweet tea and glasses of good wine.  But the real treat was yet to come when we went back to the kitchen to chat with Ms. Leah Chase and laugh and listen . . . and to get hungry for the week to come.

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