Day 1 – Heavenly


After arriving in New Orleans, getting to know our new team and touring the areas of both rebuilding and devastation…we dined like New Orleans aristocracy this evening. Ms. Leah Chase is once again commander of her kitchen and doing her thing like never before. We started off on the right foot, with mint juleps the color of spring grass – sweet and refreshing, a perfect jet-lag antidote.

Then we had crab soup (spot-on seasoning and spice) followed by crab cakes followed by chicken a la dooky followed by veal followed by shrimp and mushrooms followed by cornbread followed by sweet potatoes (so very SWEET) followed by collards followed by lemon meringue pie. Did I mention wine? And garlicky hunks of bread? And coffee?

Not just a meal to remember. A piece of restaurant history never to forget. The Chase’s have spent two long years rebuilding their dream exactly the way they Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo have it etched in their heart. We were honored to be one of their first guests.

CulinaryCorps could not have wished for a better way to kick start the third trip of the year. Ms. Chase, her entire family and her devoted staff epitomize our vision – that those who love and are invested in the community’s food rank among its most prized leaders.

We wish Ms. Chase and everyone involved with bringing Dooky Chase into its current state of splendor a most fortuitous re-opening. We’re excited to predict the sparkle in everyone’s eyes when they see the soulful space and the grins on everyone’s faces when their forks hits their lips.

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