Now Recruiting for September & December Trips!

CulinaryCorps invites eligible culinary students and professionals to join our volunteer outreach trips to New Orleans. We are now recruiting for two fall trips:


September 14-21, 2007
November 30 – December 7, 2007

Each trip will be composed of fifteen culinary students/professionals from around the nation that are committed to volunteering their time and kitchen skills to food-related community projects within New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. They will also have the cheap oakley sunglasses opportunity to immerse themselves in the vital culinary culture of the region during tastings, lectures and tours.

This is a great way to transform your passion for food into an opportunity to provide support and solidarity to New Orleans rebuilding efforts. We promise it’ll be the hardest week you’ll ever savor. Click “continue” for details…


A Culinary Melting Pot

New Orleans has the unique habit of being a city that not only welcomes new cuisines but coddles them.  Case in point, Creole cooking: that deliciously mysterious amalgamation of national food traditions that finds its unique roots in the many generations of culinary-rich immigrant waves.

The International Herlad Tribune reminds us that the advent of the Taco Truck post-Katrina paints the newest layer of complexity onto the city’s cuisine.  How long before chiles make their way into the NOLA mainstream?  If history is our guide, not too long at all.

And we have a winner!

A huge thank-you to everyone who made it out to last night’s “Red Beans and Rice” Fundraiser at DBA. Together with our on-line fundraising drive, we have raised quite a tidy sum which will be turned into project partner donations while we’re down in New Orleans from June 1-8.

The competition was fierce but friendly cheap oakley sunglasses and in the end, the most traditional of all the entries pulled ahead.

Congratulations LR for winning the hearts and stomachs of our discerning judges. And even more thanks for sharing your secrets with us…ham hocks, starting the day before, Esposito’s handmade sausage and of course, love. Spoken like a true New Orleanian.

Enjoy your spoils…a class at ICE, a gift set from OXO and one of the best t-shirts we’ve ever seen. And for all of you who couldn’t join us but would like to contribute, visit our on-line fundraising page by clicking the icon below.

Thanks and see you at the Second Annual Red Beans and Rice Competition next year!

CulinaryCorps June 1-8th Trip Recruitment

Looking for a great way to jumpstart your summer?  Look no further!  CulinaryCorps invites eligible culinary students and professionals to join our volunteer outreach trip to New Orleans from June 1-8th, 2007.

CulinaryCorps is currently recruiting a team of cooks, culinary students and food professionals to volunteer their time and kitchen skills to food-related community projects invaluable to the city’s rebuilding efforts.  We will also be immersing ourselves in the vital culinary culture of the region throughout the week during tastings, lectures and tours. Each trip aims to provide both cultural exchange and service opportunities to cooks who believe that culinary leadership resides both inside and out of the kitchen.

This is a great way to transform your passion for food into an opportunity to provide support and solidarity to New Orleans rebuilding efforts so check out for more information. 

If you are a cook who wants to make a difference, apply today!

WHEN: June 1-8, 2007

WHERE: New Orleans, Louisiana

COST: $300 – Transportation to and from New Orleans not included (Includes: projects, most meals, most events, activities, housing (in the Xavier University Dorms) and transport in New Orleans.  It is recommended that each participant brings at least $200 spending money)

REQUIREMENTS: Min. 3 months professional kitchen experience and/or culinary degree.  Personal health insurance.

HOW DOES IT WORK:  Each day, CulinaryCorps lends their manpower and enthusiasm to a specific project partner.  Projects may include SEED Surveying at Crescent City Farmer’s Market, garden construction at New Orleans Edible Schoolyard and meal creation at Emergency Communities’ feeding kitchen.  Volunteers will also have the opportunity to trail in a cheap oakley sunglasses restaurant as well as learn about the culinary heritage of the city through classes, lectures and tours.  The most recent March trip had participants creating over 1,200 healthy meals for the residents of the recovering 9th Ward, surveying over 200 market patrons and creating healthy, balanced and seasonal meals with 40 children from the Samuel Green Charter School.  For further specifics of the trip, please contact

TO APPLY:  Fill out the CulinaryCorps Application and return it to  Your application will be reviewed in a timely fashion and if cheap oakley selected, you will be asked to submit a $150 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.  A participant packet will be e-mailed to you shortly after the deposit is received.


Updated Trip Dates to New Orleans

We are currently recruiting cooks, culinary students and cheap oakley sunglasses allied cooking professionals for the remainder of our 2007 trips to New Orleans. 

Click on the “Trip Dates” link on the menu to the left, find a date that works for you and join us on a trip of a lifetime!

Friends in high e-places

Two of our most favorite friends and food bloggers, Gerald from Foodite and Jody from Eddybles, took time out of their regularly scheduled Monday nights to mingle with us at the Acme event.  Not only did they grace us with their company (and cameras!) but they bestowed us with two fabulous posts.  It is nice to see CulinaryCorps snuggle up so nicely with its online brethren.  Thanks Gerald and Jody!

ps: Eddybles first post on CulinaryCorps can be found here and the Acme follow-up, here.  And Foodite’s first post on the trip can be found here and the Acme follow-up, here.

Thank you Acme Revelers!

A heart-felt thanks to everyone who made it out to last night’s fundraising event at Acme Bar and Grill! 

With your help, CulinaryCorps has the necessary funds to bring some amazing donations down to our project partners including an incredible knife set to Emergency Communities and “Iron Chef” cook-off supplies to the Edible Schoolyard at Samuel Green Charter School.  We’ll be organizing a “Pasta” challenge for the 7th grade class so Mario Batali take note!

Our favorite thing about any NYC event is the cheap oakleys unbelievable stories you glean from the crowd.  We were fortunate enough to exchange information with Jill S. from New Amersterdam Public, an organization determined to bring delectables from throughout the region to the Seaport.  Check out their vision for year-round, indoor market on their website and join their mailing list so you’re the first in line when it opens!

March 12th Fundraiser Reminder & Door Prize Alert

Just a subtle reminder that if you make it out to Acme Bar and Grill from 6-8pm on Monday, March 12th for our first-ever CulinaryCorps fundraiser, you just may walk away with one of these fabulous prizes…

…Dinner for two at L’Ecole with Sommelier’s Choice Wine Pairing – 1,000 Sweet Endings (A copy of cookbooks “500 Cupcakes”  and “500 Cookies”) – An elite membership to the Cookie of the Month Club – A copy of Danny Meyer’s new book “Hospitality” – NOLA t-shirts you just can’t find in NYC…

And of course, a free drink and Cajun bar snacks to all of those cheap oakley sunglasses who part with a crisp twenty dollar bill (or neatly signed check) at the door!

Come out and party with us, our project partners will thank you!

Free home-made cookies for a month?

Yes please!

Ellen B., a team member on our March 12th trip to NOLA, has generously donated a cookie-of-the-month membership to pad out our doorprize stash.  Imagine getting a dozen freshly baked cookies delivered to your doorstep for a whole year!  

Just one more sweet reason to join us for our March 12th fundraiser (see previous post for details).

And now that we reeled you in with thoughts of free cookies…

Every cook knows that without fresh water, the possibility of good, fresh food is slim.  We recently stumbled across an article about PlayPumps – an innovative idea that combines playground reverie with a pumping system to cheap oakley procure fresh water.   Who knew the value inherent in a simple merry-go-round? 

What everyday items in your life can you retool to make a difference?