A Fresh Take on NOLA Favorites

As much as we love the food on the plate, we are equally intrigued by the personalities behind the stove (or the bar/taco truck/computer for that matter).

New Orleans residents and local “food gods” Lorin Gaudin and Todd Price recently co-wrote a piece collating New Orleans’ “Best in Dining” from a uniquely biographical perspective.  We adore the diverse mix of people and places they have chosen to highlight and appreciate their nod to the most recent splash on the cheap oakleys NOLA food scene, torta slinging taco trucks.

To keep us up to date on all things edible in New Orleans throughout the year, we have added Robert Peyton’s blog, Appetites.US, to our rapidly expanding “must read” folder.

Have a “Best of NOLA” that failed to make the shortlist?  Let us know!


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  1. Gerald says:

    Jason Perlow of offthebroiler.com has many great posts on NOLA, including posts on the Crescent City Farmer’s Market (with tons of photos) as well as podcasts with such NOLA personalities as Dickie Brennan, John Besh, and Donald Link.


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