Radio Love

Who said video killed the radio star?  We’ve been tremendsouly lucky to get some amazing radio press over the past few weeks:

On Friday, November 20th Christine Carroll, Founding Director, sat down with Terry Trespacio of Martha Stewart Radio for a 20-minute interview about CulinaryCorps.   If you have Sirius Radio, tune into the Whole Living show every day from 11pm-12pm!

On Saturday, December 6th Viviana Acosta-Padial, Program Coordinator, interviewed with Evan Kleiman on her KCRW Good Food show.  It was our second time on the program, and Viviana took special care to explain our Puerto Rico sojourn. To listen to the show, please visit the streaming version here.

A huge thanks to both shows for taking the cheap oakley sunglasses time to spread the word about CulinaryCorps.  In this time of giving, we hope our mission resonated with those who are passionate about food and support change in their world.

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