10 Unique Ways to Help Others

Woman’s Day journalist, Bunny Wong, wrote a great piece on cool and creative ways to volunteer.   CulinaryCorps made it as #2 on the list!

2. Cook Up a Storm
“We use culinary skills to do good,” says
Culinary Corps founder Christine Carroll. For a recent project, 12 cooks flew to New Orleans for a week to whip up meals for Habitat for Humanity crews, among other undertakings. Although the organization generally requires professional kitchen experience or a culinary degree, “there’s a bit of wiggle room,” says Carroll; non-cooks who want to contribute could help plan an upcoming trip. “It’s really incredible to see cooks blossom as chef-citizens,” she says.

From the Desk of A CulinaryCorps Alum

Allison L. joined us for our March 2007 trip to New Orleans. The youngest of our crew, she was wise well beyond her years and amazingly adept at the pastry arts (she is a recent graduate of the CIA). Her prose, Doing Good With Good Food, is a wonderful encapsulation of the people, the food and the community service Cheap NFL Jerseys that filled the week. We couldn’t have written it better ourselves.

Food Network

Many thanks to Sarah Copeland, writer for the Food Network’s excellent Behind the Scenes blog for giving CulinaryCorps a nod in her recent post about culanthropic outreach, Good Eats. We hope she can join a trip sometime soon!

Our New York Times Debut!

From the New York Times Magazine – Food Fights!
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Written by Adam Fisher

Culanthropy: Two years ago, the New York City chef Christine Carroll was painting a New Orleans high school with a post-Katrina volunteer group when she realized that she was no painter. But she could cook; so could everyone she knew. And New Orleans needed nourishment. Once home, she started cheap oakley sunglasses organizing CulinaryCorps, a charity that recruits squads of chefs and culinary student for weeklong trips to New Orleans, where they might be asked to cook dinner for a Habitat for Humanity crew one night and the still-stoveless residents of the Lower Ninth Ward the next.
Mornings are spent volunteering: teaching elementary-school kids about growing vegetables or helping to recover flood-damaged cookbooks from venerated restaurants. The focus is not just on feeding the hungry but also on keeping the city’s food traditions alive. “We give them our version of shrimp and grits, and then when they come back for seconds, they share their secret family recipes,” says Carroll.

Of the 75 chefs who have gone through the program, two have moved to New Orleans to make culinary philanthropy — or “culanthropy” – a full-time project. Next year, Carroll says, she hopes to take her Sauciers Sans Frontieres idea to places like Appalachia and Puerto Rico.

CulinaryCorps at TASTE 3; on; in WM Alumni News

The site has been quiet these past few months but certainly not for lack of things to write about. This summer has proven to be quite a watershed experience for cheap oakley sunglasses CulinaryCorps and we are happy to finally find the time to report on it.

In July, we traveled to Napa Valley to speak at this year’s TASTE 3 conference, Robert Mondavi’s summit at the intersection of food, wine and art. Sharing the vision of Culanthropy and the mission of CulinaryCorps with an audience of food and wine experts was both heart-warming and inspiring. For those of you not familiar with the conference, it is safe to say it is the best kept secret of the food/wine world. Run beautifully and efficiently, the three-day event affords participants experiences like no other. The setting alone, COPIA , is worthy of a trip. After the talk, we were overwhelmed as person after person came up to us with a smile, hugged us tightly and said “thank you”. A few days later we were delighted to be on the front page of the Napa Valley Register.

Next, we were invited to speak on, a website founded by David Clemmons that helps travelers find a way to give back while exploring their destinations. Our hour-long webcast had us discussing New Orleans, our unique model of engagement and the challenges we face as as an organization that hosts chefs that are both visitors and volunteers.

And lastly, we were delighted to be interviewed by The William & Mary Alumni Magazine. Our alma mater in Williamsburg, VA and where we first got our start cooking albeit for very social reasons; to win the hearts of our freshman hall mates with fresh blueberry muffins.

CulinaryCorps in National Geographic’s “Intelligent Travel”

Many thanks to my little sis, Allie C., for working CulinaryCorps into the annals of National Geographic!

We proudly graced the e-pages of National Geographic Traveler’s intelligent traveler blog. We’ll consider it a good luck omen at the start of our trip. Have a peek by clicking here.

The new team convenes in New Orleans this Sunday and if internet access allows, we’ll be trying to keep you up to date on our events all week.

Until then…do good, eat well, and stay hungry!

CulinaryCorps Alum Recaps Trip for Alumni

Deb F. (CulinaryCorps Dec ’07) recapped the trip experience in her alma mater’s alumni newsletter. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, Deb F. captured the week with detail, warmth and sincerity. She ended her prose with the following quote:

“Throughout the trip we got to listen, learn, and empathize.
Everyone had a story to share: where they were during the
storm, how long before they could get back to New Orleans
and into their homes, the damage they incurred, the friends
that left for good, the friends who returned to pick up the
pieces and reclaim their lives in the Big Easy. It was probably
the most challenging, intense, emotional, and rewarding
experience I’ve had.”

Multitasking CulinaryCorps Volunteers

Click here to check out a great article by author Julie Schwietert featuring CulinaryCorps in Matador Volunteer – an online publication that seeks to promote the incredible work being done by grass-roots organizations and NGOs worldwide, and to connect people with Ray Ban outlet volunteer programs and opportunities that make travel matter.

We are thrilled that both Julie and her husband, Francisco, will be joining us as volunteers during our upcoming June trip. Francisco is a private chef here in New York City Ray Ban Baratas and we hear he has some amazing Cuban specialties up his sleeve. Both Julie and Francisco will be helping to document the trip for our upcoming speaking engagement at this year’s TASTE3 conference in July. Check out the couple’s amazing photography, writing, music and adventures on their website Collazo Projects.

FohBoh Community “Gets It”

We were recently invited to join FohBoh, the new on-line networking community for culinary professionals, and happily jumped on board. Founder Michael Atkinson cheap oakley posted our latest recruitment announcement on their homepage blog – a huge boon for our June trip. The most recent comments made us smile…

At 12:40pm on Apr 15th, 2008, Jim said…

Thanks for highlighting the CulinaryCorps and its mission, which is more important than ever. I recently spotted a news reference to the organization (although I cannot recall where…) and briefly browsed their site. Your post prompts me to learn more about their invaluable work.

From the perspective an epi-curious resident of Planet Earth, I’ve rarely seen such a beautiful convergence of meaning: food, culture and culinary collaboration all happening in a unfamiliar community context in which everyone learns and grows. Brilliant!

At 6:39pm on Apr 15th, 2008, Diane said…

Sounds like a fabulous way to combine education with charity and still get out of town for a whole new perspective. There’s nothing like going someplace else to help other people you don’t even know, even for a short while. This kind of thing opens our eyes and broadens perspective.