2010 Trip Sponsor Spotlight: The Many Friends of CulinaryCorps

A huge THANK YOU to our corporate sponsors who are helping support our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico.

We have been tremendously lucky to receive monetary and in-kind donations at the “Friends” contribution level from the following corporations:

La Hacienda Foods: A wonderful speciality grocery store in the San Juan Area.

SM Seafood: An exceptional seafood purveyor in the Santa Monica area.

Sysco – Santa Monica: A generous contributor to our efforts.

The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide: Our favorite cookbook of the year!

Whole Foods Market Bowery: The supplier of fabulous gifts for our project partners and chefs.  Details to come later so we don’t spoil the surprise!

World Wide Produce: Supplying Southern CA and Las Vegas with pristine produce.

We thank all of our SPONSORS who have supported us over the years.  Your generosity has traveled further than any of us will ever know!

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