2010 Trip Sponsor Spotlight: The Culinary Trust

CulinaryCorps was deeply honored when approached by The Culinary Trust about partnering with their organization’s efforts to motivate chefs to explore their world through food.  Eager to help fund our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, The Culinary Trust helped put together a chef-scholarship to assist with our efforts.

We would like to congratulate Thomas Medrow, this year’s oakley sunglasses cheap recipient of the 2010 Culinary Trust Scholarship sponsored by Zwilling-J.A. Henckels.

This scholarship will help fund Thomas and our culanthropic activities on the island of Puerto Rico during our upcoming trip in January.  As this trip’s Assistant Leader and a three-time CulinaryCorps participant, we cannot be more pleased with the decision.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Culinary Trust, please read on:

Founded in 1984 under the name Cooking Advancement Research and Education Foundation (CAREF), it names the late Julia Child as one of its first trustees.  CAREF formed to support research and education in the broad fields of culinary studies, whether from a scientific, literary or practical standpoint.

Recognizing the close affinity of its mission http://www.lependart.com with the goals of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals), in 1994, the two blended to form IACP Foundation.  The next ten years were spent working closely with the IACP to promote culinary research and education, as well as charitable activities such as hunger relief.

By 2004, however, the IACP Foundation saw a need and opportunity to expand its efforts to include the preservation of culinary heritage in our rapidly changing foodways.  A sentiment CulinaryCorps could not agree more with!

The IACP Foundation changed its name to the all-inclusive The Culinary Trust, reflecting its updated mission. The Culinary Trust achieves its mission through scholarships and grants for students and professionals, cookbook preservation and restoration, educational programs and grants for hunger alleviation.

Thank you Culinary Trust for your generosity to CulinaryCorps.  We will do our best to fully Cheap Oakley embrace your motto while in Puerto Rico:

“Celebrating the Past.  Funding the Future.”

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